Blockchain Compliance

We build best-in-class automated compliance programs for blockchain and crypto.

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Compliance Programs

We rapidly build and strengthen right-sized compliance programs so you can grow confidently.

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Automate Controls

We automate compliance program controls to keep program costs flat as your business grows.

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We manage your compliance program as an extension of your team keeping the program evergreen and more cost efficient.

Why we're different


Our team of Certified Blockchain ExpertsTM, have years of experience working with regulators including the OCC and FinCEN. We build compliance programs that work through the eyes of regulators.


We build compliance programs with a deep understanding in blockchain technology and identify and implement world-class compliance solutions for each situation.


We build well-conceived and implemented compliance programs that take advantage of automation to maintain flat cost (OpEx) over time as your business scales.  

Compliance programs that work

We deliver comprehensive and automated risk and compliance solutions for blockchain firms

Build and Mature Compliance Programs

Creation or maturing and hardening of compliance programs including governance, risk assessment, policies & procedures, control design & implementation, monitoring, and reporting.

Compliance Technology & Automation

Unbiased recommendations on right-sized technologies to address your company’s risks, implementation & integration of tools, process & control automation.

Compliance Operations Support

vCCO, vCAE, and retained services for expert support with monitoring, reporting, continuous improvement, industry trends, and adapting to evolving regulations.

Internal Audit & Advisory

Performance of internal audit functions and assurance support including governance, maturity assessment, roadmaps, continuous improvement, and board advisement.

Compliance Effectiveness Testing

Assessment of existing toolset configuration alignment with risk tolerance, appetite, and industry landscape. Automated testing of controls to determine SLAs and overall compliance toolset effectiveness.


Full or partial outsourcing of all compliance and risk management functions with a team of highly experienced and specialized blockchain-centric compliance experts.

Blockchain Threat Intelligence

Protect your organization with AI-powered threat intelligence custom to your ecosystem.

Screenshot of Blockchain Threat Intelligence
Screenshot of Blockchain Threat Intelligence.
Screenshot of Blockchain Threat Intelligence.

About Decise

Headquartered in Chicago, but our work touches the world

Blockchain experts focused on audit & compliance to securely bring blockchain technology to billions of customers.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing many industries. We passionately work to deploy compliance programs that protect customers and allow businesses to scale confidently.

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