Financial and Crypto

Enabling financial and payments innovation

Customers include banks and traditional financial institutions, FinTechs, hedge funds, centralized exchanges, audit firms, investors, and venture capital funds.

Compliance solutions focus on governance, automation, Travel Rule, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), sanctions screening, independent testing, and reporting.

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Insurance contracts on the blockchain

Innovation across the insurance sector including InsurTech, traditional P&C insurance, crop insurance, distributed micro-insurance, and products that protect against the loss of cryptocurrency by hacking.

Subrogation, salvage, reinsurance, and peer-to-peer insurance enabled by Smart Contracts. Compliance solutions focus on US Departments of Insurance and the regulations that apply to traditional financial firms.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Traceability from raw materials to finished product

Record price, date, location, quality, certification, and other intangibles securely and efficiently across the ecosystem of partners to produce a comprehensive and transparent bill of materials.

Focused on the integrity of recording off-chain parts and information to the on-chain ledger. Eliminate tampering, knock-offs, improve coordination between partners, and access to financing.

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Health & Privacy Data

Improving the performance, security, and transparency of health records

Innovation in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, drug supply chain, physicians, clinical trials, billing, and third-party administration.

Solutions focus on  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Chain of Custody, HITECH, and Medical Necessity.


Accelerating blockchain-native solutions and web3 technologies

Distributed applications running on the blockchain focused on private, permissioned blockchains between companies and peer-to-peer solutions that preserve the right to be forgotten.

Enablement, validation, and governance for the management of rules that are formalized in the blockchain protocol and secured by consensus of all network participants.

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Real Estate

Facilitate renting, buying, investing and lending

Moving real estate transactions onto the blockchain including smart contracts, custody, tokenization for co-ownership, and securitizing lending on the blockchain.

Compliance with Fair Access to Financial Services and expediting contract processes to save time and money in real property transactions. Focused on the integrity of off-chain property and information to the on-chain ledger.

Legal & Smart Contracts

Simplify trade

Eliminate the delays and costs associated with traditional contract agreements without compromising the authenticity and credibility of the transaction.

Creation of Smart Contracts, code review, independent assessment, verification of Smart Contract triggers, non-repudiation, and security of off-chain dependencies.

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Case Study

Audit of a private, permissioned blockchain

Conducted advisory and audit engagement prior to production launch for two Fortune 500 companies’ private permissioned blockchain used for 70,000 transactions and $500+ million in annual money movement between the firms’ 45,000 users.

Key Risks

  • Governance and regulatory compliance
  • Key management and permissions
  • Infrastructure integrations between legacy and blockchain technology and security controls for underpinning infrastructure
  • Secure software development practices
  • Financial validation of Blockchain with general ledger
  • Consensus mechanism, network nodes and anti-fraud vulnerabilities


Both companies transitioned from a paper-based accounts payable/accounts receivable system to a full production blockchain deployment. Blockchain technology resulted in better financial integrity for financial reporting than paper-based system.

Off-chain advisory services recommended improvements to the governance and change management protocols used for the administration of the blockchain.

On-chain audit testing identified vulnerabilities and presented findings to improve private key management and least privilege.

Case Study

Digital Wallet and Portfolio Management

While our primary focus is on audit and compliance of crypto assets, we also advise on architecture and build blockchain solutions. We built an all-in-one digital wallet and portfolio management product deployed to iOS and Android.


  • Mobile app to trade with 20+ exchanges
  • Cloud-based digital wallet with support for 40+ exchanges
  • Includes real-time and historical asset pricing
  • API-first architecture to enable additional third-party integrations
  • Exchange and wallet balance tracking
  • Place orders directly


Built an end-to-end white labeled digital wallet and portfolio trading platform. The solution is deployed to production and available for general market use.

The solution makes it easier to track and trade a wide selection of cryptocurrency across multiple exchanges. The platform is built for individual and enterprise-grade traders. The platform supports high-frequency trading across both centralized and de-centralized exchanges.

Why we're different


Our team of Certified Blockchain ExpertsTM, have years of experience working with regulators including the OCC and FinCEN. We build compliance programs that work through the eyes of regulators.


We build compliance programs with a deep understanding in blockchain technology and identify and implement world-class compliance solutions for each situation.


We build well-conceived and implemented compliance programs that take advantage of automation to maintain flat cost (OpEx) over time as your business scales.  

Compliance programs that work

We deliver comprehensive and automated risk and compliance solutions for blockchain firms

Build and Mature Compliance Programs

Creation or maturing and hardening of compliance programs including governance, risk assessment, policies & procedures, control design & implementation, monitoring, and reporting.

Compliance Technology & Automation

Unbiased recommendations on right sized technologies to address your company’s risks, implementation & integration of tools, process & control automation.

Compliance Operations Support

vCCO, vCAE, and retained services for expert support with monitoring, reporting, continuous improvement, industry trends, and adapting to evolving regulations.

Internal Audit & Advisory

Performance of internal audit functions and assurance support including governance, maturity assessment, roadmaps, continuous improvement, and board advisement.

Effectiveness Testing

Assessment of existing toolset configuration alignment with risk tolerance, appetite, and industry landscape. Automated testing of controls to determine SLAs and overall compliance toolset effectiveness.


Full or partial outsourcing of all compliance and risk management functions with a team of highly experienced and specialized blockchain-centric compliance experts.

Blockchain Threat Intelligence

Protect your organization with AI-powered threat intelligence custom to your ecosystem.

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Screenshot of Blockchain Threat Intelligence.
Screenshot of Blockchain Threat Intelligence.

About Decise

Headquartered in Chicago, but our work touches the world

Blockchain experts focused on audit & compliance to securely bring blockchain technology to billions of customers.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing many industries. We passionately work to deploy compliance programs that protect customers and allow businesses to scale confidently.

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